Inspired Aging
It’s what we live for.

We think every day should be lived to the fullest, with meaning and purpose. That the secret to a fulfilled life is being engaged daily — physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is what we call “Inspired Aging,” and we invite you to experience it for yourself.

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A place to belong. A place to thrive.


We offer classes and activities that focus on core concepts such as balance and mobility to stretch and strengthen. Couple this physical activity with nutritionist-approved menus will promote healthy, happy lifestyles.



Every day is filled with different activities based on the interests of our residents, so there is always something new to discover. Engaged and stimulating activities providing an opportunity to socialize with others.


Honor and respect have deeper meaning when purpose and peaceful enjoyment are at the heart of relationships with our residents. Creating meaningful connections with a purpose within and around the greater community.

The 7 Dimensions of Life

The WESTliving INspire Activities program nurtures our residents by engaging them across the 7 dimensions of life:

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Friendly competition and games used to build camaraderie, grow skill sets, and nurture stimulation to the human body and spirit.

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Lifelong learning and the process of exercising ones mental abilities and understandings of new concepts, skills, ideas, and events.

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The ability to have an outlet for our inner feelings, thoughts, and ideas. A way to share what we feel and celebrate with others through music, art, poetry, reading, journaling, and much more.

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The opportunity and ability to help others, give back to the community, and feel needed and appreciated. "To get, by giving".

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Regular interactions with other human beings that are positive in nature and provide us with happiness.

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Connecting and learning from others of a different age group.

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Opportunity to connect with our personal beliefs, express and practice our lifelong traditions and find peace within ourselves and others.

Everyday is a new opportunity for our residents to find purpose, meaning, and validation.

A chance to experience Inspired Aging to the fullest.

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We want you to feel at home.


Our communities are designed to help residents feel at home – right down to the smallest details, with places to pursue their passions and spaces that encourage socialization.

Team Members

WESTliving team members take the time to get to know our residents as individuals. They’re always there to honor and serve our residents as part of the community. Meet the senior living management team at WESTliving.


Our communities extend far beyond our doors. We work with local organizations to provide social and learning opportunities to help our residents continue to grow and thrive.

“I just have a great life.”

Geri, a WESTliving resident

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