Carlsbad Patch/La Mesa Patch, Op-Ed: Aging Relatives Is It Time To Look Into An Assisted Living Community?

February 16, 2017

The holiday season might have left you with more than a few extra pounds to lose. If you’re like many adult children who enjoyed a visit with your parents, you might also have some nagging concerns about their health and safety. These joyful holiday reunions are typically when people first notice warning signs that their aging relatives aren’t managing on their own as well as they used to.

A mom once full of energy now seems frail, or a dad who was always on top of his game is now experiencing issues with memory loss.

We all value our independence, so considering assisted living can be a difficult idea to embrace and a tough topic to broach. However, having seen the results first-hand, I can tell you that in most instances, the residents I’ve come to know experienced improvements in their quality of life once arriving in our community. Some even expressed regret at not having made the move sooner.

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