93-year-old crochets 4,200 hats for homeless

April 24, 2017

Arthritis isn’t slowing down a 93-year-old Manteca senior living woman, who started a hat factory in her retirement home.

For the past four years, Anne Koontz has been crocheting hats for the needy. To date, she has made over 4,200.

“Making something out of nothing but string is something I like to do,” Koontz said.

The nimble-handed woman tried selling her hats. When that failed, she changed her business plan.”I really wanted to help all the women and children that have it hard. Most don’t have anything,” Koontz said. She made her first hats for the homeless in Reno, Nevada. Her daughters and grandchildren now give them out to churches in six different states.

Koontz hands never seem to get tired. She crochets every day taking breaks now and then. In a way, helping others helps the retiree stay active.

“You go up the wall if you don’t do something. You have to keep your hands busy,” Koontz said.

She also crochets baby outfits, pot holders, booties, hats, headbands and sweaters too. At 93, she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon and is passionate about helping others.