John Rimbach

John Rimbach


Presented with a life fulfilling opportunity, John founded WESTliving in 2009. He provides the strategic direction for creating the unique experiences our residents enjoy and empowerment of our Team Members to professionally excel. His personal and professional experiences provide the guiding values our Company demonstrates in making a meaningful difference in the lives WESTliving touches. Always striving to do something special, his critical thinking, attention to detail and genuine interest for continuous improvement sets a standard that transcends the senior housing industry. His integrity and the guiding principles of his leadership resonate in his frequently articulating ‘Our collective success is through a true sense of belonging for all’ and ‘Surround yourself with those that are supportive of what you want to accomplish.’ With over two decades of industry knowledge in senior housing, including AF Evans Company, NCB Development Services, and Bank of America, he guides WESTliving with precision, passion and uncompromising leadership.

Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick leads the operations team in WESTclass culture and focus. Through his many years in senior housing, his passion for creating a customer centered approach is the hallmark of his WESTliving leadership. Determined, yet genuine, you can see Patrick’s uncompromising leadership through careful selection of Team Members who model specific WESTclass service standards, bringing a unique environment to life in our communities. Prior to WESTliving, Patrick held leadership positions with SSL Consulting, Benchmark Assisted Living, Marriott International, and HCR/Manor Care. His experiences, both personal and professional, provide leadership with a focus and direction that a customer’s needs and desires are unique, guiding the call to action and promotion of WESTclass service.

Bernie (Web Ready)

Bernadette Thibodeau

Vice President of Finance and Accounting

Bernadette leads the WESTliving home office Finance and Accounting functions. With over 25 years of financial experience, Bernadette promotes a customer centric culture in the Finance and Accounting departments, serving both external and internal customers. Her experience includes implementation of financial and accounting systems, process re-engineering to improve efficiencies and internal controls and establishment of financial best-practices and standardized processes that promote timely and accurate financial and accounting reporting.

Prior to joining WESTliving, Bernadette held positions including Division Controller for CRC Health Group, Corporate Controller for Vista Hill and most recently Director of Finance for the Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus.

Ramona (Web Ready)

Ramona Powell

Vice President of Human Resources

Ramona is the WESTliving HR leader. She is an accomplished human resources executive with demonstrated ability to deliver mission-critical results and is an active participant in driving WESTliving’s talent development and proactive HR strategies.

Most recently Ramona was with Spectrum Brands HHI as their Director of HR – Global Operations. Spectrum Brands is an international manufacturer of hardware and home improvement products including Baldwin, Pfister, Black & Decker and Kwikset. Her focus was managing all aspects of employee relations, career development, succession planning, benefits, employee engagement and retention and risk management.


Kimberly Holmes

Vice President of Operational Analytics

Providing financial tools that enable our Teams to proactively manage and provide more time to engage the customer is critical to Kimberly’s role. As a key contributor to guiding fiscal planning, Kimberly works with the communities to effectively map out fiscal performance objectives while developing strategic plans of appropriate financial stewardship. These tools enable a strong operating platform to deliver WESTclass services while strengthening our position to reinvest in our communities in many ways. With an extensive industry and service knowledge in both senior housing and hospitality, including SSL Consulting, Benchmark Assisted Living, Daley Hotel Group and Hotels of Distinction, Kimberly plays an extensive role in one of WESTliving’s core values; to reinvest our financial success in our communities and our Team Members.

Kelly East

Kelly East

Director of Operations

Kelly supports the community General Managers within all aspects of the operation, keenly focused on hospitality and delivering WESTclass service. Derived from his 20+ years managing Hotels and Resorts, Kelly believes hospitality is the cornerstone of all that we do. For our Residents and Team Members alike, we provide an engaging, dynamic and fulfilling experience. Everything else flows from there. Working in key management roles for Wyndham International, Coast Hotels, and One Eighty/Leisure Care have guided Kelly’s leadership and drive to provide a unique experience for the customer. “The synergy that results from a like-minded group of diverse individuals has blossomed into a culture of empowerment and heart.”

Kathy Naber-Jordan

Kathy Naber-Jordan

Director of Programs and Product Development

Excellence in services and programs are at the heart of what WESTliving does each and every day in our communities. As Director of Programs and Product Development, Kathy builds our programs around understanding our residents and families. She engages our communities in program support, training, and inspiration to achieve excellence in our WESTclass service to our residents. Kathy has been in the healthcare industry for over 35 years and has previous experience as a Nursing Home Surveyor and Consultant, Registered Dietitian, Skilled Nursing Home Administrator, and has enjoyed blending those roles in her commitment to the assisted living industry since the late 1990s. Kathy has held previous leadership roles with SunHealth, Prestige and Premiera Care.

David McBride

David McBride

Chief Technical Officer

David leads the Information Technology department providing new services and equipment to meet the changing technological needs of the Company. He brings a progressive approach in IT solutions to streamline technologies and enhancing the WESTliving Team’s focus on the customer. David began his career in 1997 as a Help Desk Technician at West Corporation, one of the largest customer relationship management providers in the world. His success and progressive thinking earned him internal promotions through various positions, becoming the LAN Administration Manager for West Corporation in 2006. David joined the West Development Team, the Corporate Services division of WESTliving, in 2007 as the Information Technology Manager. With their expansive growth, and David’s innovative thinking and customer driven service approach, he earned a promotion to his currently held position as the Chief Technical Officer. The Information Technology department’s central interests remain in hospitality operations, healthcare technology, and care for seniors through education.